First, I’d like to thank WordPress.com for awarding me this coveted “About” page. When I was first approached about signing up for a blog, I wasn’t sure I deserved it.

But the universe spoke and after considering it for quite a while (when I began contemplating Justin Bieber was in diapers and Lindsay Lohan was full of promise instead of various other substances) because I don’t like to rush into things, I decided “What the heck! I’ll do it.”

(FYI, I still remember the adorable do-the-right-thing, tomboy Lindsay that starred opposite Tyra Banks in Life Size. I’m rooting for a comeback. If anyone deserves it, well let’s face it, none of us deserve it, but let’s pretend we all do, then she does too.)

To say I was surprised when WordPress gave me this “About” page is an understatement. It’s not like they hand these things out willy-nilly or to just any old Tom, Dick or Gertrude.

To show my appreciation, the only proper thing to do is write something that will irreversibly change the lives of those who read it for the better. Eh? What’s that? My time is up? You’re queuing the music?

Apparently my time is up. I’ll just quickly say the profound thing … okay, okay. Just let me say this last important, life altering … Alright! I’m leaving. No need to push. Sheesh.



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