The Real Reason I Created A WordPress.Com Hosted Blog (No, It Was Not For The Free Pickles.)

Don’t get me wrong, the free pickles are great, but there’s a much more important reason I created this blog.

What? You didn’t get free pickles when you signed up for a blog? I don’t know what to tell ya. Maybe it was a November promotion because someone added a few extra zeros to  the WordPress company’s weekly pickle order as a joke and the CEO was tired of maneuvering around cases of pickles in his office just so he could ask his assistant for a cup of coffee, a crueler and the MP3 of Steve Jobs’ unabridged biography as narrated by Ashton Kutcher … I don’t know. Anyway, that’s not important right now.

What is important is the reason I, who already maintains, decided to create another vanity project/blog dedicated wholly to my favorite subject — floppy eared puppies!

Just kidding. My favorite subject is you. Don’t get upset. Look, I’m sorry. It was a joke. I didn’t mean it about the puppies. Of course you’re my number one favorite subject followed at a very, very great distance by floppy eared puppies.

The way I see it, like the Roman Coliseum or The Christian Church,  WordPress will be around for a long time after I’m gone. Sure, it may be in shambles and a mere shadow of its former self, but I’m certain it will stand long after I’ve fallen for the last time.

So, without anyone to pay my hosting fees for or my domain name renewal registration fees, is vital.

What’s that? Why do I care if my blog stays up after I’m dead? And If I really cared about longevity, wouldn’t I have chosen one of Google’s platforms?

Sigh. You couldn’t have said all this a few hours ago?


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